Watching and Waiting: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas, dear friend!

I’m not sure if as you read this, the kids are playing or sleeping, or if you’re sick and the house is a mess. But, I simply want to bless you and your friends and family today.

I pray that your time of Advent - your watching and waiting  - has been full of peace and wonder. Of course it seems impossible sometimes, but I know you can experience the presence of Jesus - the baby born, the radical Rabbi, the resurrected King - in everything you do. I pray you’re simply and unhurriedly aware of Him. 

He is near. God is so very, very near to you.

I pray as we’ve connected over the Advent time, in one way or another, you’ve grown in patience and understanding, in love of God and others.

Maybe you’re still watching and waiting this season. 

  • Waiting for the phone to ring.

  • The husband to show

  • The child to turn 

  • The Yorkshire to rise 

God is near. 

And of course, let’s always remember, this first watching and waiting, which for this year is now past, is against the backdrop of Christ’s second coming, for which we constantly watch and wait.

Come Lord, Jesus. Come.

My deep love to you this Christmas,


Nancy Hicks