Celebrating Women

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March 8th is International Women’s Day! The more I thought about it, the more a day just wasn’t enough. So hope you don’t mind, but for the month of March my focus on all platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and these email Notes - is going to be celebrating women!

(If my focus in this ministry weren’t women, I’d likewise pick a month and celebrate men!)

When I started this ministry, I didn’t want the often-present fears and tensions around female leadership in the church/inappropriate relationships/inequality/etc. to shape who God had called me to serve. I love people. I want to see both men and women come alive in Christ Jesus.

But, the more we as a team drilled down and prayed, the more it became clear that a major part of our work would be - raising up women around the globe.

As I’ve served in various countries, and now in preparation for East Asia (can’t say where), I’ve found so many amazing women who are such workhorses in the church. Yet, much of the biblical and leadership training still generally goes to men.

I get it. I just want to be a part of making sure everyone is equipped to serve in their God-given callings.

So hang with me over the next month as we celebrate beautiful, fascinating, powerful women. Because as the late General Evangeline Booth recognized:

If a woman loves, she worships. If she champions a cause, she’ll fight for it. If she gives, she gives all. If she lives for, she dies for.

All glory to God! in whose image he created them - male and female.
— Genesis 1:27



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Your Calling For Today

Think of one woman you hold in high esteem. Why do you feel this way about her? If she’s still living, tell her!

Stacey Wei