I Remember Mom

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I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.
— Philippians 1:3

Dear Mom,

For eighty years, you lived, and countless times you’d say, “Do you remember when we….?”. Then we’d tell stories and belly laugh ‘til we cried (or vice versa), I just want you to know: yes, I still remember.

  • Yes, I remember your great big smile.
  • Yes, I remember you being my biggest cheerleader.
  • Yes, I remember you playing baseball and jump rope with us kids.
  • Yes, I remember the story of you standing in the cold Canadian winter waiting for dad to pick us up after Dumbo and he never showed up.
  • Yes, I remember you selling the contents of our farm (saddles, horses), and then the farm itself, to make ends meet when Dad left us that day.
  • Yes, I remember how much you loved game shows, and later, cooking shows.
  • Yes, I remember you working full-time.
  • Yes, I remember every bit of time outside work being dedicated to your three girls.
  • Yes, I remember the clicking sound of your high-heels.
  • Yes, I remember standing at the bus stop in Toronto on Sunday mornings to get to church before we even owned a car. (I remember you making me wear pants with my nice dresses to stay warm. NOT my favorite memory.)
  • Yes, I remember us not being able to go to McDonald’s when all the other kids got to go because you were saving the money to take us to nicer restaurants where you could teach us etiquette.
  • Yes, I remember you pouring over your Bible and commentaries to keep learning about God.
  • Yes, I remember you teaching us to always, always bring our gifts - money included - to the Lord and that He would be faithful and multiply them all.
  • Yes, I remember you telling me: “Nancy, soften your voice. No red lipstick.” (Sorry these never took.)

So many memories, Mom!

I’m glad I got to be your daughter. I’m glad you’re joyfully in His presence.

But I miss your voice and your face.


~ Nan

I'm real because God is so real


Your Calling For Today

If your mom’s still living, book a date (one-on-one) with her. Play, “remember when….” And tell the good stories. Or pick up your phone, sit with cups of your favorite things and do it long-distance.

Stacey Wei