I Need A Minute

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Everything in our culture sets us up for “next.” We’re done with that and on to the next thing. We anticipate Christmas and the holidays with planning and lists and loads of preparation, then like lightening, it comes.

Then it goes.

Now, an involuntary zipline to:

It’s NEW YEAR! 2018! A fresh start! A brand new collection of January through December!

But hold on. Not so fast. I need a minute.

I’m full. Each day was so full. Unless you do a quick Christmas, then are done with it, it’s a season of filling. Full of minutes. Call them “moments.” Of day trips, decisions and compromise.

Of sitting and listening. Of games and laughter. Traditions and change. Of memories past and newly formed. And the food! How many meals prepared? How many dishes cleaned?

Now as I strip the beds, haul all the used towels to the laundry room, ditch the remains of snacks and mostly emptied bottles of beverages, I wonder:

  • Do we know each other better because we were together?
  • Did I listen well? Not just not speak, but did I take it in?
  • Did we - whoever gathered this holiday season - really enter into celebrating the community we share through this Christ who was born?

I pray that before the rush of this 2018 New Year, you’d take a minute and reflect.

Happy New Year, friend.



I'm real because God is so real



Your Calling For Today

Take a minute. Don’t rush what’s just happened this holiday season. If as you think about it, you realize you did not enter into it the way you intended, or shafted someone you meant to love, reach out to them. Apologize. It’s not too late.

Stacey Wei