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It’s about this time of year, after the celebration of Christmas, the collective marking of out-with-the-old, in-with-the-New YEAR, that I feel hit with the reality of extremes:

Extreme 1:

WOO HOO, it’s a brand new year! A fresh box of crayons. A new notebook and outfit. (Like the start of a new school year.) What will this year have in store? Oh, the places you’ll go! And all that good stuff.


Extreme 2:

It’s so quiet. The rush is over. I’m tired. It’s cold. I need to hibernate. Got the extra pounds, may as well make like a bear.

Unless you’re forcing Extreme 1, what I’ll call “the fire” thing (“I don’t do anything BUT fire,” you’ve determined), or you only play the hermit role (and perhaps are struggling to get going in your life), go with either of these extremes or anything in between. Go with it. Trust it’s God leading you.

If you’re genuinely feeling on fire, go with it!

If you’re feeling quiet and in need of simplicity, go with it.

God is calling to you. He may be calling you to rise up. He may be calling you to sit down. Don’t override God’s movement in your life.

Pay attention.



I'm real because God is so real



Your Calling For Today

If you’re always the center of attention, the life of the party, pull back and practice some quiet. Practice fewer words and time alone.

If fading into the wallpaper is your thing, ask God if perhaps, He may be calling you to take your place. Speak up. Step in. Do something.

Stacey Wei