Three Tips to Sabbath Rest

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In my last three years as a QVC spokesperson, my category was the Home. I sold a lot of bed linens. “We spend a third of our lives in bed” was a common phrase. But the truth is, we’re not exactly getting our sleep. Sleep aids abound. People are tired.

Here in North America we generally struggle to rest. We’re overriding the natural patterns of rest (which I wrote about in my last devotional). We’re on high speed so much in the day, that even hours designated “night’s sleep” are compromised.

Let’s go back to Sabbath rest. It’s essential.

“Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.”

Here are three tips to Sabbath rest:

1. Pick a Sabbath day. It may be Sunday, or some other day, but pick one. On that day, each week refrain from your work. Examples: Housework, paid work, emails if they remind you of work or are work, etc.). Step over things. I know it’s hard. Do it anyway.

2. Slow down. On that day, slow down your speech. Slow down your movement, your driving, your eating. If you’re a brisk walker, go for a stroll instead. Slow it down on Sabbath.

3. Don't make it a rule. Jesus spoke against rigidity. (link to last devo.) Instead, honor God for giving you much needed rest. Honor Him with more space to enjoy Him, but don’t make it a rule that binds you. Be kind to yourself if you simply MUST do something on Sabbath. Just notice if it becomes a habit.

We need the rest.




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Have you tried one of the above before? What works for you? Where do you trip up?

Stacey Wei