Called To Serve

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Why did I choose to do laundry on Mondays? Well, after the busy weekend of kids, friends, dog and husband, Mondays seemed a good day to put everything back in order.

Trouble was I’d sit on the laundry room floor spraying stain remover onto mustard and popsicle marks, lamenting that everyone had a life but me. With the mass exodus, Mondays just seemed to highlight my servant status.

The boys were off at school and Cam often travelled. I’d kneel down sorting whites, colors and darks.

During those times I’d pray: 

Lord, give me a humble, servant heart. Help me to remember I’m serving these little ones - the least of these. And in this I serve you.
— Matthew 25:40

I remember the hope that would spring up in me when I thought about the parable of the talents. Remember? The man gave his wealth to his servants: Five bags of gold to one, two bags to another, then one to still another servant. “Now go. Value and multiply what I give you.” (See Matthew 25: 14-30, which is not necessarily a “feel good” text.)

I always thought of my children as part of the talents God placed in my hands. In truth, every gift that ultimately furthers the kingdom is the point of this passage.

So love and nurture them. Protect and honor their impressionable, valuable lives.

And serve them.

Hang in there, dear friend.



I'm real because God is so real



Your Calling For Today

Jesus chose to serve and not be served. With every lowly, unnoticed gesture and status-reducing act of service, you are more acquainted with Him. Thank Him for allowing you the honor.

Stacey Wei