Welcome to 2019!


Welcome 2019!  Welcome New Year! Welcome to your life in a whole new time. A clean slate. A new notebook.  A fresh start. 

Welcome to you if you’re just joining the NancyHicksLive community. Welcome in and stay a while. We aim to breathe courage and life into your souls because of our deep love of God.

Coming off of Christmas and holiday times can be tough. It can feel like a bit of a let down. But it doesn’t have to. To let down is good, of course. Phew! That was wonderful. Full and wonderful. Even the mounds of laundry and work of relationships was wonderful in their own gritty, get-your-hands-dirty kind of way. 

But to be let down or feel down isn’t necessary. 

Let me share three tips to help keep your spirits bright this New Year:

  1. Every decoration except the Christmas ones stay up. In my house, everyone knows the trees, the lights, and everything evergreen and wintry, (including smelly pine and balsam fir candles), stays up! (Through March in our home. Now, if you live in the Philippines, this is not an issue for you. ☺)

  2. Get in the wintry game! Go snow-shoeing. Get some ice skates and find your local (indoor or outdoor) rink. Put on practical boots and go hiking in the snow! It’s invigorating!  If you live somewhere hot, go find a winter wonderland. (Might I suggest Canada? ☺)

  3. Draw near to God.  This is not a New Year’s resolution. “I resolve to read my Bible and pray. I resolve to go to church.” No. That will take you to mid-February at best. Of course, these are the three main things that help us draw near to God. But, don’t start with a “chin up, tough-it-out” attitude. Just draw near to God. 

But how?

If you, like so many people, struggle to take the time to be with God, start small. Sit still every day for one minute. Pick a place in your home, and sit still early in the morning (or at night if you just CANNOT do the morning). Say to God, “I want to be close to you.” Just start with one minute a day.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” ~James 4:8  

Use this as your New Year verse if you don’t have another one.

So we pull together and welcome the New Year. We draw near to each other and to God. 

I love that you’re with me. I’m grateful you’re reading this and engaging with me in the newness of this time.

So much love to you…and Happy New Year!


Nancy Hicks