Meant to Live - Update!

Meant to Live Coming Soon

Dear Friend,

It’s always our pleasure to serve you! I hope you’re enjoying - and stretching your heart, mind and body because of - the weekly devotionals we send out.

Today, we have some exciting news:

Meant to Live is on Amazon!

Meant to Live: Living in Light of the Good News is my first book. It took a while to navigate the world of writing and publishing, but we pushed through and now the book’s a living reality. (Well, almost.)

Here’s the scoop as seen on Amazon:

“Meant to Live unpacks how Christians can live in the power and glory of the Gospel―the Good News of Jesus Christ―and celebrate God’s glory in themselves, and the Church and beyond.

Inspirational communicator Nancy Hicks describes four ‘camps’ of Christians who wallow in the bad news (our fallen-ness), while disgruntled Christians and non-Christians alike are watching and thinking: If that’s what it means to be a Christian, no thanks! Frankly, these versions of the Gospel aren’t good. So, those watching are left wondering: How are we to live?

Meant to Live offers a vision on humanity’s calling and a way to live a genuine life gloriously into the Good News! Nancy combines personal stories with biblical wisdom and offers a revisit of the Gospel. She offers a fresh view on humanity’s glory as seen in the Gospel and an honest diagnosis of the four main “camps” often found in the Church. Nancy also helps readers identify an honest assessment of self. Meant to Live is a practical guide to living in light of the Gospel and is an inspired and energized focus on the core calling in our lives.”

Meant to Live will come out in e-version this June, then in paperback this September.

BIG time celebration will ensue. (Hear the soaring firecrackers, the cymbals and cheering and trumpets.)

Thank you for any and every part you’ve played in encouraging me - financially supporting, ordering the book, praying, you name it - in the ongoing life of this ministry.

I’m over-the-moon grateful for you, dear friend!


P.S. That’s the timeline, but you can get a jump on things and pre-order on Amazon now if you like.

Nancy Hicks