Songs My Mother Taught Me: Deferred Gratification

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Over the month of May, I’ll be sharing golden nuggets my mom taught me that make my life sing. These are principles that made their way deep into my soul and made me the woman I am today.

Now, this series is not only about my mom (though I want to honor that precious woman). It’s about honoring all moms. And if you’re not a mom, then we’re honoring your mother. 

So, here we go with the first “song” my mother taught me:

Deferred Gratification.

We live in a world that’s moving faster than any time in history.  The increasing speed of information and technology has what would have taken 100 years in the past, now taking only five years. I’m grateful for my mom’s insistence on deferred gratification.

When my dad left, Mom raised us on just a little money. I remember Mom saying, “No, we’re not going to McDonald’s, but with the money I would have spent on that kind of food, once a month, I’ll take you somewhere nice.” Mom taught us etiquette in sit-down, napkin-in-lap restaurants, which she wanted for her three girls.

Another case in point:

Don’t buy a lot of stuff. Save up and go to a better store and buy one nice thing. (A skirt, a dress, a top usually found on the sale rack of a “nice” store.) Save and get something nice. Don’t get a bunch of junk!

I’m still like that today. Mom drilled it in so deep. 

And don’t for a moment think this deferred gratification isn’t built into everything God’s about: Wait for it. Wait for it. 

So like God.

“We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised” - Hebrews 6:12.

I’m real because God is so real.

~ Nancy


Try holding off on something you feel you need. If you have children, do it deliberately with them. Help them with this now. No matter how much money they have, they’ll need this biblical principle all their lives.

Nancy Hicks