Songs My Mother Taught Me:  Lift Up Your Head

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“Heads high, girls.”

Ah, the command of my mother.

She took her responsibility to remind us of who we were very seriously: 

“You don’t have a father. I’m sorry, but let’s not use that as an excuse to be dumpy and pitiful. Stand up. Heads up. Eyes up.” 

Meant to Live, my first book coming this September, expresses the main idea of the Gospel, the Good News of God’s love for you, which noticeably has us utterly saturated in the glory of God.

Now, if you really take that in - deep inside where it melds into the bones and marrow of all you are - it changes you.  Does it get distorted and tainted, too? Of course, but so does everything good. Still, don’t hold back. Take it in.

“Shoulders wide, tummies in, shorten your steps, chin up,” Mom would coach us. 

“Lift up your heads oh, ye gates and be lifted up that the king of glory may come in. Who is He the King of glory? The LORD Almighty, He is the King of Glory,” - Psalm 24:7,10. 

Take all your glory that is for God and from God through God and to God and raise it up. It may take the form of simply lifting that chin from:

- Shame

- Insignificance

- Low living or

- Depression

OR raising that head up high, as the magnificent structure of the ancient gates - which were astounding! - to a whole new level.

Absolutely no slouching, glorious one! (I do believe I’m sounding like my mother!)

I’m real because God is so real.

~ Nancy


Look at yourself in the mirror. If there’s a genuine reason you cannot stand up tall like some with infirmities that keep them slouched over, that’s different. Still, deep inside, imagine Jesus Christ lifting up your beautiful head. But if you’re physically able, my dear friend, lift up your head. And make sure you teach your children to do the same.




Nancy Hicks