Israel: Waiting Here For You

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Hi from the Holy Land. 

Late Friday night, I hugged Cam good-bye at the airport and off I went. It was an easy flight from Newark, New Jersey to Tel Aviv.

A few days before I left home, it occurred to me that God’s got me in an interesting place right now. Actually, the perfect place in my life—a place of weakness. A place of attention, of listening, of waiting.

 I told my family, “I think I’m in a perfect place to go to Israel right now. I’m weak and just waiting to hear from God.”

Here’s what I mean: A few months ago my singing voice was damaged (another story for another time). But suffice to say I haven’t sung in about four months. Like I said in a recent post, worship is my heart language, my mother-tongue, so no singing is tough.

In worship over the last four months, my hands have been high, my heart has been full, full, full, but I’ve been mouthing the words. No audible singing flows out.

Add to this my David’s diagnosis of colon cancer. No mother imagines or wants to face this. (You’ve heard a lot about this lately, so enough said for now.)

So, I reiterate—I’m in a good place. The biggest prayer of my heart over the next few weeks, while tracing the steps of God and His people, is to meet with that same, living, speaking, strong, ever-present, faithful God.

Like I said, I’m in a good place.

I’m real because God is so real.

~ Nancy


Listen to this Christy Nockels song I love. Hope it truly encourages you.

Waiting Here For You

Nancy Hicks