Gift: Heading to Israel

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“What do you want for your birthday, honey?” Cam asked me last February.

It was a big birthday, and I knew this would be an extra special gift. 

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that. And actually, I know just what I’d like. I’d like to study in Jerusalem.”

Obviously being a Christian speaker, like being a counselor or teacher or many other occupations, requires ongoing learning. Continuing education in this field is a big deal. But this was a big ask.

Not everyone who works in full-time paid ministry goes to seminary. That’s a gift.

Not everyone who preaches Jesus gets to go to Israel. Oh, sure, many do, and have several times. Some of you lead tours to Israel and have studied there for years. But that’s not everyone’s experience. That’s a gift.

I tell you this because my gift begins this week. I’ll be leaving for Israel to study for the next three weeks at Jerusalem University College. Then my husband, Cam joins me for two additional weeks. 

Of course, the biggest issue for me is not packing and figuring out the home front. It’s my son, David. I really needed to pray and discuss with the family to figure out if the whole Israel thing was off. But I really am sensing I’m good to go. Tough for this mamma! But it really is ok. David will be doing his own thing throughout June: Home base is Philly for rest, and a bit of travel for him to get in some fun before chemotherapy for stage three colon cancer begins in July. I’m grateful for family and friends who will surround my David while I’m away.

Question: What will I be studying there?

Answer: I’ll be studying the geography of Israel (intensive three-week course), which means I’ll be traveling around.

That’s where you come in! Over the next three weeks, as God leads me, I’ll be posting videos, teaching and writing these devotionals for you. I pray as God allows me to just soak in who He is in this old/new place for me, I’ll just receive His gifts and do some re-gifting.

Stick with me on Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks and let me share my birthday gift with you! In the meantime, the next time I write will be from the Holy Land. I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m real because God is so real.

~ Nancy 


What’s one gift you received that you love to share? (That gift that just keeps on giving.)


Nancy Hicks