How Kids Shape Your Life

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“You can’t give your kids what you don’t have.”

Do you agree with that statement?  

My friend, Dianne, told me that a woman once said that to her when it came to being friends with Jesus, in essence:

“You want your son or daughter to know and love God, but you don’t have the assurance of that relationship for yourself.”

Maybe you feel it’s too late for you, so:

  • “I want my kids to go to a Christian school to learn good values.”

  • “I want my kids to go to church to learn about God, ‘cause I sure can’t teach them these things. My track record isn’t great. I don’t know the Bible, and I really only pray when I’m in trouble.”

  • “In the end my kids have to make these decisions for themselves anyway.”

I’ve heard these comments for years. And it may work out because God can do anything and use any means to draw us to Himself. And He can do that with or without your help.

But what about you?

If you’re not university educated, can you give your kids a university education? Sure you can. So, in some ways, the statement I made at the beginning of this devotional is not true.

But think about this: if you could, wouldn’t you want to be able to give out of what you have? Or to relate to them about university? About their experience there?  

If sharing an experience deepens your relationship with your child, wouldn’t you want that? After all, isn’t everything—absolutely everything in this world—about relationship?  

God wants a relationship with you. A real one. 

Maybe you have a boatload of questions when it comes to a relationship with God. Good. You should have a boatload of questions! Some of which can be answered, others really can’t. At least not in a way that fully satisfies. But ask your questions, any and all of them. Wrestle them through.

And know this: God loves you. He’s not mad at you. His heart is warm toward you, not cold. 

If you desire this for your child, you want to figure out why you don’t desire it for yourself.

They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household." - Acts 16:31

Next time, let’s talk about what may be keeping you from church. 

I’m real because God is so real.

~ Nancy

Nancy Hicks