Did Someone Say, September?

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In the past, September meant back to school, launch of Bible classes, well into fall fashion at QVC, and a flurry of other perennial fall initiatives. But this September—this September 2019—it’s about my first book.

Meant to Live: Living in Light of the Good News is less than two weeks away from its release! It feels like I’m having a baby. Due date: September 17.

If you haven’t snagged an e-copy yet, here’s the essence of the book:

The Church in North America has not done a good job reflecting the life that comes from the Gospel. Instead, many Christians have become preoccupied with their “camps”—their cynicism, or their passion for a specific cause—at the expense of their Gospel-given life.

Meant to Live is a call to the Church to snap out of it! It inspires vision and hope for all people regarding what is possible when the Gospel is actually embraced.

With all that’s involved with a book release (and trust me, I had NO IDEA what all was involved) I must admit: I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. My own words are staring me in the face:

“Busy isn’t the mark of excellence, it’s the mark of the frenzied, groping for meaning and glory.” - Meant to Live: Living in Light of the Good News.

Ouch! Now, this is in the context of being so busy that you have little time to bring your A-game to the Church. “I’m busy” is your hiding place and badge of honor.

And that’s not where I am. But I do have to be careful of a busy that can be frenzied and groping and sways me from my original intention. Lord, have mercy!

Maybe you relate. Maybe you don’t have a book coming out, but everything’s starting up for the kids (with all the paperwork for all their activities you could write a book!). Or maybe a new job, new home, new friends, marriage, or pet. Any NEW thing that could be a little overwhelming for you this September, let’s together remember:

“He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” - Paul, Colossians 1:17

I’m real because God is so real.

 ~ Nancy


Would you pray for a steadiness for me right now? I need God to keep my team and me steady and grounded in Him. I’m praying for you, too!

Nancy Hicks