Respondez S’il Vous Plait


Ever had a time when you put out an invitation and people didn’t respond?

Some RSVP-ed and then pulled out at the last minute. Some didn’t respond at all. Some said, “I’ll let you know when we get closer to the time,” giving you the impression if they got a better offer, they’d take that instead.

There's also the genuine dilemma of people not even knowing what RSVP means. Let me help you with that: “Respondez s’il vous plait” is French for “Respond If You Please.” Whether you can make it or not, you respond.

Ok, now that that’s cleared up, let’s get back to the real issue - people not accepting the invitation.

Whether it’s a shower, a wedding, a backyard BBQ or girl’s night out, we put out our invitation: “Please come!” And sometimes it’s met with, “meh.”

God gets it.

A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests…But they all began to make excuses.
— Luke 14:16,18

Jesus is telling this parable.

He’s teaching the realities of the kingdom (or reign) of God. God holds out this invitation to a lavish final banquet in heaven, and constant not-to-be-missed cocktail hours and appetizer courses this side of heaven:

Come! Join me. Join the celebration and the feast!

And then, just like today, busy, “important,” in-demand people say, “meh.”

So two thoughts for you today:

  1. If you’ve been dissed by a less-than-favorable response to your kind and generous invitation, know that you are more acquainted with God. You are, therefore, in excellent company and you will know Him in that place.
  2. Don’t delay in your RSVP to His constant invitation to feast with Him - here and now, and oh, yes, later, when the place card has your name on it for the Feast of your Life!

Respond to God with a whole-hearted, “YES!”



I'm real because God is so real


Your Calling For Today

Read Luke 14:15-24. Sit with it. There are always several points in a passage of scripture, but there’s also a main one: say, “yes.”

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