Worship: Part 4 - Roaring Rocks!


What do you yell about? What gets you going? Good or bad, does anything call out a voice in you?

Sometimes we can surprise ourselves at what prompts a visceral response. An image on T.V. (another sex abuser?), your mom who picks and picks and picks one too many times until something comes out of you that shocks you both! And what about politics? Does this get you fired up enough to express something above a gentle word?

Don’t forget the good stuff, too. Your kid on the soccer field will get you going. She finally has the ball. She’s running. Pony tail is flying! And you, the doting parent just sit there on your hands, right?


I watched the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl last year while sitting in a pub in New Zealand. Even the mostly non-Americans cheered and made some noise. But back home in Philadelphia?

Puh-lease. WILD! Parades, high fives, body slams, kissing, community and noise. Lots of good noisy noise.

Even if you’re the docile type - quiet, unassuming, tame - does anything, good or bad, get you to roar?

But some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples!”

“I tell you,” He replied, “if they remain silent, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:39,40)

The disciples (people following Jesus), saw Him and praised Him. They were loud and joyful. They’d been with Jesus and seen Him do so much. They were beginning to get the picture of just who Jesus was. 

Today I sit wondering: Are earthquakes what Jesus meant about the rocks crying out? 

Quaking. Splitting. Roaring: Somebody’s gotta praise Him! 

In Christ,


I’m real because God is so real.



Your Calling For Today

What excites you about God? Anything? If so, think about that. Sometimes, you just gotta’ ditch the decorum. Read a Psalm until your pores pour out praise.


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