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7 Days of Summer!

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A FREE 7-Day devotional for moms (or caregivers) with kids ~ 3-7 years

This devotional is for you and your young one(s).

I offer it as a connecting point - a simple time to build into your relationship with your child(ren) and God.


If you're a mom (or know a mom) who:

·        knows time is precious and that it’s here, and quickly gone.

·        wants to have a real and lasting relationship with your child(ren)

·        knows that to have relationships you need to spend good, quality with your child(ren)

·        wants your child(ren) to love and enjoy God!

Then 7 Days of Summer: a mommy and me devotional is for you!

How to use 7 Days of Summer - 7 Days (in a row... or not):

1.  Read the short encouragement that’s just for you.

2.  Pull your little one(s) up close.

3.  Pray. Ask God to help you all connect with Him.

4.  Use the devotional and open your Bible to the short passage you’ll be reading with them


Relationship is central to God. Learning about Him needs to be interactive and relatable. Enjoy!